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About Us

Rayala group of companies is a Rs.6000 million group having diverse interests in the Hospitality, Real Estate, Engineering and Scientific farming. To the pioneer who produced quality products and captured markets, the key has been innovation and it is this spirit that build RAYALA Since 1948. Today the group plans to further diversify its activities into food processing. The corporate office of the group is located in Chennai i.e. in the southern part of india. Today, the total value of the group assets stands at Rs.6000 million.

  • 1921 - First business venture for Imports and distribution of cars and Trucks.
  • 1948 - Distribution rights for HALDA typewriters and FACIT calculators.
  • 1956 - Joint Venture with FACIT AB Sweden for manufacture of HALDA type writers.
  • 1980 - Joint Venture with Fichtel and Sachs AG West Germany for manufacturing Gas Filled Shock Absorbers in India.
  • 1992 - Joint Venture with Suspa Pneumatics AG Germany for manufacturing Gas Filled Shock Absorbers.
  • 1995 - Contract Manufacturing of House hold electrical items & Oral B tooth brush for Braun AG Germany.
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